How It Feels To Be Gluten Free

I have celiac disease. I find it both amusing and sad.

albinoduck asked: Do you have any good recipes for Gluten Free stuffing? I used some premade stuffing, and it smelled awesome, but the test didn't even compare to my non-Gluten Free stuffing (i've only been gluten free for a year). Thanks so much!

Hi there! I haven’t actually ever made my own gluten-free stuffing. This year I used Glutino stuffing and was more than happy with it. 

If I had to choose a recipe, I’d go with Gluten Free Girl’s recipe.  Personally, I really like her recipes and this one is simple. 

What about you guys? Gluten-free stuffing? 

gluten-free-strider asked: Hey! I have celiac as well and I was wondering how bad is yours, I know that people have different levels of pain and how much they have before you know what. Personally if I have a crum or something gets touched(cross contamination) I get "sick" for three days. But I have heard from others with celiac that they can have two oreos feeling great? Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi there! Mine is pretty bad, but it’s gotten worse the longer I’ve been gluten free. When I first went gluten free, my system didn’t react as badly to cross-contamination but now if I get cross-contaminated (like by a crumb, which has happened), I get sick for about 2 days but it takes me about 4 or 5 to really feel 100% better. Please don’t take this as medical advice: this is all a personal thing. I can’t find any studies to back up reactions to gluten. 

I can tell you that my dad also has celiac, but it manifests as a rash and he is mostly asymptomatic with stomach issues. He can only tell if he’s been glutened if his skin breaks out and gets itchy.

As for those people that can have two oreos and feel great…lucky bastards. What about you guys? How much gluten does it take to get you sick?